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Chromer Kölsch

The tailout is just the right depth. The water is the perfect speed. Cast down and across. Heart starts to race as the fly moves through the seam. A bright flash of chrome. Fish on!

Bonfire Brown

A clear sky on a long winter’s night. The sound of laughter from friends. An acoustic guitar strumming to the beat of a forgotten song. That distinctive noise of a beer can being opened. All backlit by a crackling bonfire. Perfect.

Single Spey IPA

When the wind is howling down the river and that perfect seam feels just out of reach, it’s time to go for a Single Spey. Just like the cast, this IPA is perfectly balanced. Warrior hops bring out a notable bitterness that is seamlessly counterbalanced with citrusy notes of Cascade, Amarillo, and Mosaic hops. When it’s time to hit the river, don’t forget a Single Spey.

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